The Computer Society Practitioners Talk 13th Series

Open Networking A look at the Growth and the Transformation of Networks Accross Asia and Ocenia

Date: 21st May 2020
Time: 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Network requirements across cloud, mobile and enterprise applications have been changing and growing rapidly. This has resulted in the need for increased flexibility and simplification of automation. Open networking has several advantages over traditional networking in helping businesses address the challenges of this new cloud enabled world.
Open networking disaggregates the hardware from the software allowing for freedom of choice, creating a flexible combination of software based on workloads. This creates a highly efficient network resulting in significant savings of up to 50% in CAPEX compared to traditional OEM networking.
In this session we will discuss the basics of open networking and hear from the leading open networking providers on how companies are using this technology. We will also hear from an end user in Asia who has transformed their network from a traditional legacy system to an agile open network using Open Compute (OCP) based switches. OCP switches account for approximately 55% of the bare-metal switches sold in the data center market and the market continues to grow across other edge devices outside the core data center such as campus wifi and edge access points.


Bui Banh
Business Development Vice President Edgecore Networks

Jonathan Leung
Head of R&D DCConnect

Michael Rascoe
Head of Solutions DCConnect Global

Steve Helvie
VP of Channel Open Compute Project (OCP)


SGT/HKT Agenda
11:00 Welcome Address
11:05 Introduction of Open Networking
11:15 Open Networking in telco and data centers

  1. Key drivers and benefits
  2. Transformation challenges and leveraging on vendors’ expertise
  3. Open networking technologies

11:55 Case Study in Asia: Transformation from traditional legacy system to an agile open network
12:00 Q&A and Closing Address