Membership Areas

Hadi Sutopo (University Kalbis, Jakarta) & Rahmad Dawood (Universitas Syiah Kuala, Aceh)

  • We introduce “Computer Society Session on some Universities with initiatives of Computer Society Gathering on Bi-Monthly base.”
  • Recognizing local members by nominating them for advancement in IEEE membership grade and/or IEEE service awards.
  • Provide mentorship or guidance on how to become The Computer Society Indonesia Chapter members and how to extend the membership.
  • Launch the Computer Society Indonesia Website.

Conference and Workshop Areas

Husni Sukmana (Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Jakarta)

  • Launch three The Computer Society Indonesia Chapter flagship conferences for year 2020.
  • Coordinate with Universities and or other institutions for the Sponsor or Technical co sponsor Conferences.
  • Workshop with better conference quality and less cost.

Practitioners Engagement

Kuncoro Wastuwibowo (Telkom Indonesia), Adityo Kristianto (Permata Bank), Bambang Susilo, CISM, CISA, ISO 27001 LA (ITSec Asia)

Student and Members Activities

Dr. Iwan Setiawan (Universitas Kristen Satyawacana, Salatiga), Dr. Indar Sugiarto (Universitas Petra, Surabaya)

  • We will have Students Achievements competition and recognized and awarded the best Students Achievements with the awards.
  • We will arrange with the soft skill training/workshop for the Member and Students Members with the topics such as:
    1. Personal Skills: Creativity, Self-Confidence, Self-Motivation,etc.
    2. Influence Skills: Leadership, Project Management, Organizational etc.
    3. Relationship Skills: Customer Relations and Communications.
    4. Product Skills: Quality Control, Marketing, Assessment, Innovation, Concepts etc.
    5. Writing Skills: Technical Paper/Proposal writing, Project Proposal, Reports of Projects etc.
    6. Oral Skills: Presentation skills, Speaking, etc.
    7. Employment: International Careers, Employer Requirements etc.
    8. Entrepreneurship: Business Models, Creating Products, Running a Company etc.
  • We also initiate with the Professional Training and Workshop to General Public with collaboration with the Computer Society Indonesia members as the Facilitators.

Education Activity

Dr. Achmad Imam Kistijantoro (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung), Dr. Pujianto Yugopuspito (Universitas Pelita Harapan, Tangerang), Prof Dr. Mudrik Alaydrus (Mercubuana University, Jakarta)

  • At the end of Year 2019, We will initiate the adhoc team to work for the Model of Indonesia IEEE curriculum for Computer Science and Information System.
  • Coordinate with Indonesia Education Society Chapter with the workshop and or Training for BAN accreditation and International accreditation (such as ABBET and others) and the Workshop of Higher Education Society Governance with ISO or others standardization.